The Victorian Climbing Club was formed in 1952 and incorporated in 1985. The aim of the club is to promote the sport of climbing.

Besides it being an opportunity for people who share a love of climbing and wild places to get together, climb and share their knowledge to those new to the sport, the VCC most importantly, takes the lead when it comes to taking care of the environment in which we climb. An important aspect of maintaining access.

Since 1998, we have employed Australias first professional Access and Environment Officer who works in three ways:
1. Education - promoting 'low impact' climbing
2. Advocacy - negotiating with land managers to maintain access and re-open popular cliffs
3. Protection - organizing work parties and raising money to preserve the cliff environment

Establishing a special Cliffcare Fund allows us to raise money to continue the valuable work we do preserving the cliff environment where you love to climb.

I hope this site gives you an insight into the work we have done. Of damaged areas that require help, future projects and especially, a sense of the camaderie that exists within our close but often fragmented community. For more information, please visit

Thanks, and Safe climbing to All,

Tracey Skinner
VCC Access and Environment Officer